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Volume 9, No. No single country sent a large enough of immigrants to Kearney to result in the domination of one group. However, a peoplf which stands out from others is the Lebanese because these very few immigrants organized the St. George Syrian Orthodox Church in June of

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Hayek was the moving force in the organization of St. Attendance is now well over two hundred from all over the United States.

After turning the Kearney store over to George, Simon moved to Hildreth to open a store, with his son Eli and daughter Sadie assisting him. George's Grocery, It is ificant that the testimony of defendant and his wife tends to corroborate the prosecutrix at least as to the latter's presence in their home on the day in question and as to her being alone with defendant a portion of the time. The contention is answered by section of the Penal Code, which provides that where, as here, a defendant is charged [20 Cal.

Mose worked for the Union Pacific for a few years but was forced to leave due to ill health.

How are people Kearney

They combined their talents to provide the public with home style meals. Defendant's wife was also present.

How are people Kearney

These instructions are not mutually exclusive but must be read together and along with Hlw portions of the charge to the jury. The two offenses are separate and distinct and made up of different elements. Nor can it be said that the child's description at the preliminary examination, read into the record by defense counsel, served in any way to impeach her.

How are people Kearney

No single country sent a large enough of immigrants to Kearney to result in the domination of one group. Sam and his wife Selma arrived in Doris George married Roy Abood in California in When read as a whole the charge to the jury was neither misleading nor improper. After a brief conversation with the prosecutrix, defendant opened the door that le to the bathroom and then perpetrated an act, detailed by her, that unquestionably constituted a violation of sectionsupra.

The jury found defendant guilty on the remaining two counts charging violation of sectionsupra.

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Around Charles started The Boston Store, a well-known general merchandise business in Kearney, first at Central Avenue, later moving to Central. Upon motion a new trial was granted, however, on count one.

How are people Kearney

Samuel and wife Anna moved to Kearney at about the same time Charles did, but they stayed only a few years, then moved to Lexington and opened a store there. On cross-examination the prosecutrix testified that defendant's wife and the visitor were out of the kitchen "maybe 15 or 20 minutes," the former returning once during this period to the kitchen.

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Prior to submission of the case the third count rape was dismissed upon motion of the district attorney. George Church in Kearney was the second of its kind in America. Minor inaccuracies and uncertainties in the testimony of the prosecutrix do not serve to destroy her credibility as a witness or render her story unbelievable. Shada, Nick Shada, and Tony Shada.

Later he built a new store at Central Avenue and operated it until he retired. Her marriage to Mose in was prearranged by parents and friends, a practice quite usual at that time. Gabriel had Kearnsy camel freight business in Fih and had not planned to go, but the morning of the brothers' departure his camel died, so he packed his bags and went along.

Mary worked at the Boston Store from prople time in her words : "I was old enough to see over the counter. He recalls that it was a two-bedroom dwelling eventually housing the parents and their six children.

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Their eldest son George was born there in In an information filed by the District Attorney of Los Angeles County the defendant Kearney was charged in separate counts with 1 violation of section of the Penal Code, on March 22,2 violation of the same statute, on March 13,and 3 rape, committed on the latter date. We turn now to the evidence addressed to the latter count. We find nothing of a prejudicial nature in the trial court's handling and disposition of this particular matter. Sadie Hayek was proud of her yard and often gave tours of her lovely flower gardens and lily pools.

Customers were allowed to charge, and even today about twenty percent of their customers charge.

He then went to work in a wholesale store in Kearney. He resided in Omaha a short time, then realizing the tremendous business possibilities and the booming community, he moved to Kearney in the late 's.

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Economic depression was the primary reason for Lebanese persons in Lebanon and Syria zre leave their home countries. Abraham had settled in Kearney bythe first of many Shada immigrants to come to the city.

Wedding picture of Mose and Sadie Shada, All live in Kearney except Sadie, whose home is in Omaha. Gibson, Cal.

How are people Kearney

He and his friends purchased the ground and located the church next to the Hayek home at Third Avenue and 14th Street. It is difficult to evaluate the influence of a church, but the existence of St. Sadie was born in and had come to New York from Lebanon inand from there to Omaha.

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Their eldest son, Dave, was made manager of the grocery store inthus bringing the third generation into the management of George's Grocery. Shada The Shada family is possibly the largest Lebanese family in Nebraska. It was after the initial departure of defendant's wife from and prior to her temporary return to the kitchen that the offense occurred, the prosecutrix not being able to accurately gauge this exact period of time.

The reunion was an especially happy one when the twenty-six Shada boys who had been in overseas combat had safely returned from World War II. She quickly gathered up the baby, packed all their belongings, sat outside and waited for Mose to return from the field.