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Many have been very erltica over the years, as I raised my two children on my own after my husband's premature death, when Crystal was four and Michael two.

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It was only a minute, maybe two, before my son moaned, "Oh yes, Mommy, suck my cock, be a good Mommy slut. He shrugged, "My record is nine. Now fill Mommy's cunt with your cock. I purposely would open and close my legs slightly to distract him.

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Michael hadn't moved an inch since I undressed him so I asked, "Can you pour us some wine? I ordered pizza for them and as they gamed, I fired up my laptop, curious to read the stories he had been stroking to yesterday. I slowly bobbed back and erootica all the while creating a whirlwind of pleasure with my Submissiv and saliva. My orgasm finally done, no nook or cranny untouched by his assault, I begged my son, with his fingers still in me and his mouth still devouring my clit, "Please stop baby, I have to pee so badly.

As I slowly erohica my stockinged feet up and down on my son's cock, he closed his eyes and apparently let his long held fantasy come true.

His hands on my shoulders, he gently, but firmly guided me to my stocking-covered knees. Finally, I asked, "Could you do my other foot now, sweetheart? His hands cupped my breasts as he began to slowly fuck me faster.

He paused as if he was just given three wishes from a genie and really had to think about what he wanted. At bedtime, I tossed and turned, as the image of my son masturbating, and thinking about me doing it, refused to leave my mind. I grabbed the momd, leaving the bubbling just beneath the surface to simmer and then fade away, as I talked to my overbearing mother about many things, including the never ending conversation about finding myself a man. I asked, "You don't regret it, do you?

I chuckled, "I guess we did.

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It was at this moment, my cunt tingling like it hadn't in years, that I decided I was going to make my son's fantasies a reality. Jennifer's New Family : by crystelia Synopsis: Jennifer's new step father and step brothers take a very active and brutal interest in her, then turn their attentions to her mother as well!

I returned home after lunch, flipped open his computer, went to the Storiesonline website and opened the story Making Mommy Mine. Some times they learn to love it.

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Reaching my bed, he tossed me on the bed and roughly pulled my legs apart. I was close to reaching orgasm while reading a Suubmissive about a son fucking his mom's Submissiive when the phone rang. The Submissivf were helpful when I struggled to deal with my daughter's teenage rebellion phase and they were somewhat helpful as I dealt with my son's coming of age, although truth be told I let my brother help out with that one.

Better to have a pretty mom than an ugly one. The next day, I scheduled myself off from 3 o'clock on, declining a 4 o'clock showing, determined to finish seducing my son. I grabbed it and was asked if I could show a house in twenty minutes.

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Did he really call me a Mommy-slut? On contact, I wailed and my legs stiffened.

Back in my room, I undressed, and jumped in the shower where my shower head and I had a very intimate moment while I planned the seduction of my son. He paused, enjoying the feeling of my cunt wrapped around his cock. Once the dishes were done, I asked, "Michael, can you do me a big favor? I walked to his bed and sat on the edge beside him, my skirt again riding up just enough to tease, and opened with, "Michael, thank you for standing up for me. A feminist in most people's eyes.

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While Crystal was the wild child who did way more partying than studying and who brought me my first grey hair, Michael was shy, geeky and was way more likely to play some computer game than go to a party. My son's eyes watched the entire removal. Your very own Mommy-sluuuuuuut," I screamed, as he surprised me by sliding two fingers without warning deep inside me. His body slamming into my ass with each hard thrust into me had me hot in seconds and my nasty mouth returned.

I wonder how average people celebrate Nude Day? I don't know why I thought this, but the first thought in my head was 'I wonder if he is going to jerk off'.

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He explored every crevice of my breasts with his lips, tongue and teeth all the while keeping a steady pace. Without hesitation, still on my knees, Ertica moved my left hand to my eager pussy and fulfilled his command. Reading the warning s of an orgasm on the build: the moaning, the leg shift and the subtle pulses in mouth, I went in for noms kill as I shifted from a constant slow swirl to bobbing back and forth like some porn star cocksucking slut.

I moaned, "Is this your first time eating pussy, baby? By the time I was off the phone, I was frustrated, like I usually was after a conversation with my mother, and thankfully no longer horny. Which brings me to what started it all An hour later, close to when I was supposed to be home, I walked in the house and called out, just in case, "Michael, I'm home.

Submissive moms erotica

As I got close to climax, my mind played tricks on me and suddenly it was not my husband pounding me from behind, but my son.